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The Sky is Safe

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  • Tolbooth, Jail Wynd, Stirling, FK8 1DE
  • 20.00

Written by Matthew Zajac | Directed by Ben Harrison | Music & sound by Pippa Murphy
Video Design by Tim Reid

Following the award-winning success of its 2016 Scottish-Danish co-production Mungo Park and the continuing international success of the phenomenal The Tailor of Inverness, Dogstar switches its focus to the greatest tragedy of our times in an intimate, yet epic story of beauty, brutality and love.

A new multimedia play for a woman and a man, she a Syrian refugee, he a privileged westerner from northern Europe.  She could be a rapper, a doctor or a prostitute; she might be all three.  He could be an aid worker, a banker or a trafficker; he might be all three.  They meet on the opulent streets and shadowy alleys of Taksim, the commercial heart of Istanbul, and in the nearby slum of Tarlabasi, home to some of the most marginalised of the marginalised, an area where every conceivable transaction takes place. A play about identity and power, about choice and its absence, about survival.  Its focus is two individuals driven by geopolitics, war, hunger, self-gratification and love as they meet in the metropolis where East meets West.  Istanbul today is home to over 300,000 refugees from the Syrian war.

Song and poetry will punctuate the action as a kind of choral commentary.  The play’s humour will serve as a humanising, positive force in a story which must necessarily confront some of humanity’s worst excesses.

The Sky is Safe is on tour following a run at the most prestigious Edinburgh Festival Fringe venue, Summerhall.

Photo credit Nihad al Turk
(Nihad is a well known Syrian artist, who came here on the first flight of refugees. Nihad is designing the set and giving Dogstar the use of this image)

Age advisory  12+

Running time 60 mins / no interval