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Strange Behaviours: Summer Party

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  • Tolbooth, Jail Wynd, Stirling, FK8 1DE
  • 19.00


Split into 2 separate dates throughout the year for 2017, our annual indie/alt/other(?) fest Strange Behaviours Festival has grown 2 heads, which in turn grew 2 legs, which in turn grew a capacity for self-conscious and independent thought before going their separate ways, leaving the body to wither and die in a steaming pile of space goo.

The first of 2 stand-alone mini-festival days is on Saturday 8th July – the Strange Behaviours Summer Party. The other will come later in the year.

3 stages featuring the most innovative, fun, thrilling, living-breathing-touring-eating-recording-partying-writing-sleeping-DIY bands from across Scotland and Stirling come together to make one hell of a racket. Some of the most vital and real music from the world of indie, all under one roof. It’s gonna be beautiful.

Lineup almost there, looking sweet as all heck. Keep an eye on the Strange Behaviours Facebook page for updates.