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Chick Whittington

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  • Macrobert Arts Centre, University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA
  • Various
Macrobert Arts Centre’s brand new panto for Christmas 2017!

Prices Vary

Written, directed and starring Johnny McKnight.

Stirling Stella is under attack.  It’s been fifty years since The Great Christmas Rat Race of 1967 almost destroyed the pantosphere, and now Queen Rat is back, with sharper teeth and a longer, swishier tale than before. Step forward, or rather push forward, one Chick Whittington – grand-daughter to the legendary Dick.

Surely removing the streets of vermin will be as easy to her as it was her granddaddy?  Surely Alice Fitzwarren and her newly invented Time Machine can help save the day and nothing, repeat NOTHING, could possibly go wrong?

Will Stirling Stella ever be free of the flea-bitten Queen Rat and her minions?  Will Chick ever step out of her grandpa’s murderous shadow?  Will anyone notice that the plot bears a very strong resemblance to Back To The Future?

The only way to know is to grab your sweeties, muster together your Christmas spirit and your loudest voices to boo, hiss and dance a merry jig at this years Chick Whittington.