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Auld Hat New Heids

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  • Tolbooth, Jail Wynd, Stirling, FK8 1DE
  • 20.00

Four of Scotland’s most experienced musicians have teamed up to present a show of Scottish songs seldom heard, but once the basis of the folk revival in the 1960’s and 70’s. At that time Scottish folk music was at its peak.

In practically every town of any size there was a folk club packed with people enthusiastically joining in with the laughter and sing-a-long music of the time. These days may be passed but the songs are still there, just fewer people singing them.

Ian Bruce, Pete Clark, Gregor Lowry and Fraser Bruce have formed a group with the intention of producing a show singing these songs from the early days of folk revival but incorporating the developed musical styles of the current era.

The intention is to create a ‘feelgood’ factor along with audience participation and a healthy dose of humour all the way!